SRPC  elders & deacons

SRPC is governed and served by two groups of elected officers.

Elders are responsible for the overall leadership of the church and work together with the Senior Pastor (also an Elder) to give oversight to the worship and ministry of SRPC.  You can contact our Session at

Deacons minister to those in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress in accordance with the Scriptural duties of the office.

Below are lists of the current Elders and Deacons and the year their term of service is set to be completed. The normal term is for three years, July to June.

elders                                                DEACONS

Lyne Brown (2018)                                              Carol Snow (2018)

Phil Fay (2017)                                                     Joan Callahan (2018)

Doug Fry (2017)                                                  Kathy Fry (2018)

Lee Gustafson (2019)                                         Verna Dow (2018)

Thomas Jajeh (2019)                                          Cindy Speltz (2019)

Rawley Peters (2018)                                          Daryl Mauk (2019)

Paula Richter (2017)                                            Jim Gilbertson (2019)

Tim Scott (2018)                                                  Kelli Hoefs (2019)

Eric Wolford (2019)                                             Michele Jajeh (2019)

                                                                            Dana Mentink (2020)

                                                                            Kristi Miller (2020)

                                                                            Linda Ballentine (2020)