Outreach & missions

SRPC has a strong tradition of outreach and missions.  Whether local or to the far reaches of the globe, SRPC joyfully participates in sending out teams and individuals to share God's mercy,
justice and good news.

mission partners

SRPC has the privilege of partnering with a number individuals and organizations who are serving full-time in local and global missions.  To learn more about specific missionaries sponsored by SRPC contact us at 925.543.7772

  • Joshua and Sarah Dean  |  Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Emily Kerr  |  Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Troy Wilson  |  The Table, San Francisco
  • Ebio Family  |  YWAM
  • Kellen and Becca Hirot  |  Malawi, Africa
  • Jim Sawyer  |  Sacred Saga Ministries
  • Kyle Costamagna  |  Costa Rica
  • Klakulak Family  |  India/Tibet
  • Antonnucci Family  |  Central Asia
  • Adams Family  |  East Asia
  • McKay Family  |  Germany
  • McCallum Family  |  International Teaching
  • City Impact, San Francisco

short term missions

SRPC encourages individuals and groups to participate in short term mission projects as a growth step in faith! Considering a particular project or exploring opportunities?  Contact the Outreach Team.  For more information or to request SRPC support for a mission, contact Tim Scott, Outreach Team Chair, at tscott40@aol.com.

Celebrating the ebios arrival in mazatlan, mexico

On Sunday, February 12, 2017 the Amazing Grace pulled into port at Marina Mazatlan after a two week voyage that started at Bethel Island, California.

Nearly 100 people were on hand to witness the arrival of the Ship.  There is an incredible amount of excitement as this will be the first vessel to operate under the banner of YWAM Ships Mazatlan.

The vision of YWAM Ships Mazatlan is to engage the isolated communities on the islands and coasts of Mexico with the Gospel.  This will be done by providing healthcare, distributing the Bible, building homes and much more.

To see the video of their arrival click HERE


This annual October event provides a means for everyone in the church to participate in a day of service to the community.  We join neighbors, friends and volunteers from other organizations for a Saturday of meeting needs throughout our Valley.  Projects range from backyard cleanup and home repair projects, to visitation of elderly and veterans, to assembling care packages at the church to help meet needs locally and around the world.  There is something for volunteers of every age and ability.  With special meals and activities Friday night through Sunday morning, it is similar to the impact and fun of a weekend retreat!