For 20 years the heart and soul of SRPC has been expressed in a single phrase; Loving Jesus. Loving One Another. Loving Our Community. By God's grace, we continue to be a church filled with people who grow in their relationship with Jesus - then go into the world with His Love.

After fourteen years of vital ministry in our church facility, there are some needs to address. They're basic needs, 

but important to our mission of Leading People into a Growing Relationship with Jesus.

During the three week campaign, you'll learn about the improvements and the project plan. More importantly, 

you'll hear the heart behind it. In the same way we prepare our homes to welcome friends and neighbors, 

we want SRPC to be a church ready to welcome and serve our community.

Our heart is also to bring the gospel to the world. 10% of our 
campaign funds will be committed to missions.

The theme of our facility improvement campaign is I'M IN

Together, let's step into the next season of Loving Jesus,
One Another and Our Community.

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I'm invested in the mission of SRPC. Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.  My investment begins with people I know who don't know Jesus. Being Available.  Building friendships. Walking through life. I'm also invested in making SRPC a place where people experience the love of Jesus though a church campus that is ready to welcome and serve them.  


Being included in God's family at SRPC is important to me. This is the local church I call home. SRPC is where I grow in my relationship with Jesus and feel connected with God's family.  I want to be included in God's future for my church family in our next season of life and ministry. 


I'm involved in the community. I want to live and love like Jesus in my everyday life. Whether at work or in my neighborhood - out with friends or enjoying my favorite activity. God loves people through me.