Sunday mornings

Our goal each Sunday and throughout the week is to show the love of Jesus to each child through

  • our fellowship with children
  • our service to the community
  • our sharing of God's truth

The program is led by paid staff and a fantastic team of volunteers.  For questions about the program or how you can get involved, contact Lisa Lutz or Beth Busboom:, (925) 543-7781  

sunday morning program

Nursery and Toddlers 10-11:15

Parents are welcome to play with their child while watching live video of the service.  Supervision is gladly available upon request.

Toddlers and Preschoolers 10-11:15

Enjoy their own curriculum and participate in a wide variety of activities as they experience the love of Jesus through nurturing caregivers, age appropriate toys, story telling/scripture, music and crafts.


Begin in worship with their parents until dismissal, around 10:20.  Then kids head upstairs to check in, receive a name tag and enter their classroom. This year we are exploring the entire Bible in 31 weeks based on The Story - selections from the New International Version. 

special activities

Communion Sunday

The first Sunday of the month is Communion Sunday for our congregation.  We ask children in grades 3-5 to remain in service with their parents; there are children's handouts available to help kids track with the sermon.  Children are invited to participate in communion or receive a blessing from those serving.

Wonders of Worship

The final Sunday of the month is WOW Sunday!  Wonders of Worship is an opportunity for all students (Kindergarten - 5th Grade) to gather together for worship.  Through music, drama and a special message geared just for them, students are reminded of God's love.

Bible Sunday

Students in middle elementary participate in Bible Sunday, an event in which parents and the congregation present a Bible to each child.  As middle elementary students read with a level of independence, we want to encourage them to develop daily time in God's word.